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The business was additionally enhanced when Jean Claude Chalhoub ( entered into untouched regions, such as France, Canada and Latin America. With his exceptional track record of furthering the development of the establishment, its success in the long run is certain. Jean Claude Chalhoub, after joining his father's company and learning all areas of the organisation as a member of staff, was picked by his father to help him in running the business.

Educational Career

Jean Claude Chalhoub's education has assisted him considerably while adapting and learning as a leader and business entrepreneur. Beginning his academic studies in Egypt, he ultimately relocated to France to start his economics bachelor's degree. Jean Claude Chalhoub’s parents came from not one but two diverse backgrounds and cultures. This enabled him to adopt and learn both languages and cultures. Chalhoub's studies and familiarity with a great variety of languages means he is capable of understanding clients and building great customer relationships.

Jean Claude Chalhoub has taken the reins of his father's and family's business, thanks to his outstanding abilities. The flexibility to speak four or five languages helps him when communicating with clients and customers successfully. Members of his family, customers and associates alike are likely to readily co-operate with him, owing to his extraordinary communication skills and capacity to comprehend complex issues. Jean Claude Chalhoub is a keen young businessman. He has impressive personal capabilities and works primarily in the area of insurance and reinsurance.

Jean Claude Chalhoub's Hobbies

Horse racing is one of Jean Claude Chalhoub’s hobbies, as is ocean sailing. He also really likes to travel around the world. He delights in obtaining antiques and wines. Jean Claude Chalhoub has a passion for horse racing. As a way to complement this, he bought a racehorse which has competed in contests worldwide.